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Who's that girl?


teacher, writer, entrepeneur

Hello! I'm Melodie. Thank you for taking the time to explore my blog. I'm stoked that you're here!


A little about me, I'm a yoga teacher, writer, and creative entrepreneur. I love to learn and spent many moons wandering through life. I still am, though now, I have a bit more direction.

Over the years, I've journeyed into the unknown, taking every leap of faith to find my path. I've traveled, been to a war zone, fallen in love, got a dog, and learned A LOT. Sure, I've learned some hard lessons, but more importantly, I've discovered my truth. I want to share a piece of that with you, dear reader, in hopes that you might feel less alone or even inspired to make your mark on the world.


Most of what I'll share on this blog will be through the yogic perspective. I'll share stories about my life, and tips on using yoga as a tool to get to know yourself better. Defining your identity is the first step to personal agency because living apart from the status quo is not for the faint of heart.


Public Yoga Classes

I'm a San Diego based yoga teacher. I teach online & inperson.  Follow my Instagram for exact dates.

Private Yoga Classes

Interested in a private session or want to hire me for private events. Email me or drop a note below!

Content Writer

Enjoy what your reading? I offer freelance writing services in the health & wellness space for blogs, websites, and magazine.

Check out my porfolio, here.

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