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Exploring the Major Arcana Through Tarot-Inspired Yoga: The Fool

The Fool is the first card of the major arcana. Numbered 0, this card symbolizes the beginning of cycles, evolution, and infinity.

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Why Combine Tarot and Yoga?

Tarot and yoga are two practices that help answer life’s bigger questions. Do you ever contemplate questions like “what’s my soul’s purpose?” or “why does this type of person trigger me?” or “when will my luck change?” Life is hard enough as it is. Luckily, tarot and yoga are accessible to anyone looking to dive inwards.

Tarot uses visual cues to bring attention to issues you might face daily. At the same time, yoga combines breath, movement, and meditation to help you become present. If you are a yogi looking to shake up your practice, try integrating tarot cards.

Let's talk about the Fool

The Fool starts our journey through the major arcana, signifying new changes and welcoming new beginnings. The Fool, led by their needs and desires, can become ungrounded in reality. A barking dog is depicted beside him, reminding us to think before we act. The Fool reminds us to go with the flow, be independent, and stay open-minded.

The traditional Rider-Waite Smith deck depicts The Fool as a young person at the edge of a cliff. They’re ready to take a leap of faith, blissfully ignorant of any trials they may face. Armed with the four symbols of the minor arcana (a cup, a sword, a pentacle, and a wand), The Fool starts his adventure ready to discover life's mysteries.

Key Meanings:

Upright: new opportunities, taking chances, starting new projects

Reverse: acting irrationally, not being cautious, impulsivity

Element: Air

Celestial Association: Uranus

Chakras: Crown (Sahasrara), Root (Muladhara)

Some Ways to Interpret This Card

Personal Growth: Take the leap. If you're willing to take a chance, new opportunities are coming. Be cautious not to lose yourself to the excitement.

Romance: New feelings towards an individual or new chapters in a current relationship are developing.

Health: It's time to put yourself first—mentally, physically, spiritually or all of the above.

Finances: Is this a "treat yourself" moment, or are you being impulsive? It's okay to spend money on yourself. Invest in your happiness, but don't permit yourself to be broke!

Spiritual: Be open-minded to new ideas.

Decision Making: Stop getting in your way. Take a chance! The answer is YASSS!!!


Practicing Yoga With The Fool


What better posture to start an asana practice than Mountain Pose. Almost all, if not all, standing postures can begin in mountain. Tadasana also promotes body awareness. When done mindfully, this posture allows the practitioner to notice their alignment and to stay grounded in their practice. Tadasana is a great place to start for anyone first getting onto the mat.

How to get in this pose:

  1. Begin with your feet hip-width distance apart.

  2. Inhale and lift your ribcage up towards the sky, lengthening your spine. As you exhale tuck your tailbone towards your heels.

  3. Turn your palms toward the front of your body and draw the tips of your shoulders back broadening your chest.

  4. Keep the chin slightly lowered as you extend your head up.

  5. Options: For those with mobility or strength issues, practice this position seated or lying on your back. Feel free to position your hands in prayer (like the image), out into a T-shape/ V-shape, or directly above your head in Urdhva Hastasana (Upwards Salutation Pose).


My YTT teacher taught me that we practice asana to learn how to sit comfortably. From the eight limbs path of yoga outlined in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, the asana limb prepares our minds and body for stillness. As the only alignment cue written in the sutras Patanjali states, "sthira sukham asanam”, the seat should be steady and comfortable.

(FUN FACT: The word asana actually translates directly to sitting down!)

How to get in this pose:

  1. Begin seated in whatever way you find comfortable.

  2. Bend your knees and cross your shins, placing each foot under the opposite knee.

  3. As in Tadasana, lengthen your spine from the base of your tailbone through the crown of your head, and broaden your chest.

  4. Place your hands comfortable on your knees or thighs

  5. Options: Sit on top of a blanket, bolster, or block. I find that the added height improves my posture. To keep yourself from slouching, sit against a wall.


Final Thoughts

The Fool card is an amazing card to work with when you need a little push to get started. It encourages the receiver of this card to make calculated decisions and inspires them to dream a little. Paired with Tadasana and Sukhasana, a meditation on The Fool can help inspire you to take a chance on yourself.

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